Science Day 2016


Science Day is an annual event where Science students experience the vibrancy of university life, while gaining exposure to the different fields of Science at the same time.


The theme for this year’s Science Day was Detectives, which aimed to encourage students to investigate and discover interesting scientific phenomena. The academic societies came together to put up booths featuring interactive activities for the students. Decryption methods, soil analysis, scent differentiation and air vortices were some of the booth highlights.


Prizes and lucky draws were given to the students for their active participation. Students were also given complimentary photo-taking opportunities at a specially set-up booth and drinks and snacks, all of which were highly popular amongst the students.


The main highlight for Science Day this year was the inaugural Open Mic and Performances. Open Mic was held between lectures for any student to sing and play any song they wanted for the audience. Auditions were held for the night performances, which included not only singing, but band and dance performances too.Both the Open Mic and Performances received an overwhelming response and were highly enjoyed by students.


Theresa LIM, Vice President (Relations) of NUS Students' Science Club, said, “Science Day was a huge success this year, with active and enthusiastic participation from many students. The freebies offered attracted more students, but we also saw an increase in the number of students involved in the various activities. Students also had the opportunity to showcase their talent at the Open Mic and night Performances.”


The event received raves and positive feedback from many participants. Angus NG, a Year 2, Life Sciences student said, “The event and its theme was highly original with an unprecedented two puzzle storylines! The efforts put in by the student societies were evident, as the event had more depth and learning opportunities in addition to being a fun carnival.”


Joey TAY, a Year 4, Life Sciences student said, “The Open Mic performers were really talented! The performances really added to the Science campus vibrancy.” Nicholas QUEK, a Year 1, Chemistry student and Open Mic performer, said, “The performances were a little nerve-wracking, but seeing people singing along made the whole experience of providing music to brighten up everyone's day more than worthwhile!"


Alumnus Marcus CHONG commended the event for being “very refreshing” while night performers Honey Lemon, comprising TANG Ting Suen, LEE Xue Li and ONG Jia Ying, said, “It was a really fun and memorable experience, especially during "Flashlight", where everyone showed their support by shining lights using their phones.”


ScienceDay 1
Students gathering to watch the Open Mic performance


ScienceDay 2
Students learning to decrypt messages using frequency analysis at the Statistics Society booth


ScienceDay 3
Students taking photos at the photo booth and receiving free photo printouts with the Science Day design