Ice Cream Making and Baking Workshop 2016


Tantalising aromas of baked goods and a bustle of activity from over 40 whiteclad people were detected at the Food Science & Technology Food Laboratory. Held over four sessions on 16 and 23 January, the annual Ice Cream Making and Baking workshop reached out to 140 participants from the NUS community and the public. Participants experienced the joy of making home-made ice cream with the use of a cool ice cream machine. They were taught to make hot fudge pudding and ham, onion, and mushroom quiche from scratch. In addition, lab manuals with baking instructions and science facts behind baking and ice cream making were issued.


Workshop participants really enjoyed themselves. “We had a great time!” Andrew KHOO, Chief Executive Officer of ABR Group commented. Marilyn LEE, NUS Business Year 4, was so excited about her new skills that she made quiche the next day using an air fryer.



A group photo of the participants at the workshop



Participants proudly displaying their creations



Delicious products of the day!



The team behind the Ice Cream Making and Baking Workshop 2016 – the 7th Food Science Society


Article contributed by LIM Jie Ai