Computer-Based Learning Centre (CBLC) activities


Fundraising Projects: Small gestures with big impact 


In Week 4 and 5 of AY2015/2016 Semester 2, the Faculty of Science (FoS) student society Computer Based Learning Centre (CBLC) organised a fundraising initiative involving FoS and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). The event was conducted to raise funds for our beneficiary as part of our club’s annual Community Involvement Project (CIP), as well as to raise awareness about the project.


This year, CBLC collaborated with the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) in reaching out to ex-offenders and their families through a one-day event. The project, named ‘Project I.R.I.S.’, aims to strengthen the family ties of ex-offenders as well as to motivate and re-integrate them into society.




During the three-day fundraising event, students sold traditional snacks such as Gem biscuits, which was a big hit amongst students and staff! NUS students were also encouraged to pen their well-wishes and words of encouragement for the ex-offenders and their families on Post-it notes. These were then being pasted on a canvas board, which was presented to SANA and the ex-offenders. Furthermore, students also shared their childhood dreams on Post-it notes, which are intended to inspire the ex-offenders and their children on the wide range of possibilities open to them.




CBLC will be holding another fundraiser on White Day, which is held one month after Valentine’s Day.




On 5 February CBLC organised a one-day Chinese New Year fundraising event to raise funds for the club’s future projects. The event also increased awareness of the publicity of Science CBLC’s projects, such as CIP and Freshmen Adventure Camp. The students brought in Chinese New Year goodies and a variety of cute pouches for sale. They also set up a photo booth where friends can take photos together with the props prepared. 


Articles contributed by CHUNG Miao Ling and LOW Yuan Ting



Back to Basics Workshop Series : Gaining hands-on skills for good photography  


In February, CBLC launched its first series of training workshops for this semester – the “Back to Basics” Photography Workshop and Basic Photoshop Workshop.




The “Back to Basics” Photography Workshop was conducted by Mr Alan NG, a member of CBLC and a freelance professional photographer.


Participants were introduced to the mechanisms of a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera and its basic settings, and given an introduction of basic photography composition techniques. There was also a hands-on section during the workshop where participants gained hands-on practice of the various settings and techniques on DSLR cameras.


The workshop is intended to inspire more people in finding the joy of taking good photos through the skills learnt. By going back to basics and applying basic composition techniques, everyone can take appealing photos even with just a phone camera.




The Basic Photoshop Workshop is the club’s most popular workshop – it is full house almost every semester!  


Participants learnt the essentials of photo manipulation in Photoshop, like Marquee (Selection) tools, colouring tools, layers, and retouching. Tailored for those without any prior Photoshop knowledge, the concepts were explained in layman terms for easier understanding. Participants also learnt how to do basic photo editing using the tools of Photoshop.


The Masterclass Photoshop Workshop will be launched in the next half of the semester, for participants who wish to extend their knowledge of Photoshop.


Article contributed by BUT Kapui


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