Colonisation of Planet Mars


NUS’ Department of Physics in collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy, organised a lecture titled "Colonisation of Planet Mars" by Nobel Laureate in Physics (1999) Prof Gerard 't HOOFT on 27 January.


The lecture, which was intended to encourage the use of cutting-edge scientific knowledge and technological inventions to solve complex challenges, was well-attended by more than 600 students and guests.


Prof ‘t Hooft is also Ambassador for Mars One, a Netherlands-based non-profit organisation which is now planning manned trips to the surface of Mars with the goal of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars.  


In his lecture, Prof ‘t Hooft shared on how advanced technologies of tomorrow can help inspire belief that our future dreams can be realised. Mars is the next step of the voyage into the universe and human settlement on Mars is the next giant leap in the continuous journey of exploration by the human race. Human settlement on Mars could aid understanding of the origins of the solar system, the origins of life, and the place of humans in the universe.


Prof ‘t Hooft also shared on other high-tech projects that could change the face of the Earth, such as planting vegetation in arid areas which could halt desertification. He also addressed issues such as the feasibility and sustainability of the mission to Mars raised by the audience.


Prof ‘t Hooft is a Dutch theoretical physicist at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. His work concentrates on gauge theory, black holes, quantum gravity and fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics.


DSC 3253

From left: Prof Phil CHAN; Head of Physics Prof SOW Chorng Haur and Prof Jeroen Anton van KAN with His Excellency Mr Jacques WERNER,
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Singapore


DSC 3260

Prof Sow welcoming guests and students


 DSC 3271

Mr Werner delivering the opening address


DSC 3287

Nobel Laureate in Physics (1999) Prof Gerard 't Hooft delivering his lecture on the colonisation of Planet Mars


DSC 3278

The lecture theatre was packed with attentive guests and students


DSC 3307

Prof ‘t Hooft answering queries during the discussion session with Prof Kan as the moderator


DSC 3308

DSC 3328

DSC 3322

Attendees actively participating in the discussion session


DSC 3345

Prof Sow presenting Mr Werner a token of appreciation


DSC 3363

Prof Sow presenting a token of appreciation to Prof ‘t Hooft


DSC 3387

Prof ‘t Hooft received the NUS lion souvenir as well


DSC 3397

Students consulting Prof ‘t Hooft after the lecture