First Faculty alumni social event


For the 75 alumni and friends who attended the Faculty’s first alumni social event of the year, the evening on 8 January started off on a light note with food served and music played that was reminiscent of their childhood years.


After a specially prepared presentation of images accompanied by the evergreen melody 甜蜜蜜 popularised by the late Teresa TENG, Distinguished Science Alumni Award recipient Mrs Pauline ONG from Pharmacy, Class of 1966 delivered an engaging talk on her growing up experience during Singapore’s early years and development. Using images from her personal albums, Mrs Ong walked the audience through significant milestones of the past like the Hock Lee bus riots in 1955, the Bukit Ho Swee fire in 1961, Singapore’s merger and separation from Malaysia in 1963 to 1965, through the fast-paced growth years of the 1970s and 1980s until the modernisation of our economy and achievement of first-world status. Her story had many in the audience smiling and nodding in recollection off their own past memories. Various senior alumni also contributed richly with their own experiences.


The second speaker Dr ONG Jin Teong preceded his talk with a hilarious rendition of Peranakan food terms sung to the tune of the ever-popular Banana Boat Song, with the audience heartily joining in. The mood was then set for Dr Ong to share his passion for Peranakan culture and food. He introduced several well-known dishes and explained how Peranakan culture and food had been influenced by the Hokkien, Hainanese, Thai, Hindu, Malay and English communities over the years, and yet was still able to attain the taste and style that is uniquely Peranakan. Also introduced at the talk were traditional utensils used in the Peranakan style of food preparation, again invoking fond recollections among some in the audience of long-forgotten memories.


Both Mrs Ong and Dr Ong received a well-earned round of applause at the end of the evening, with many of our alumni staying back to share personal anecdotes of common experiences.


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Mrs Pauline Ong’s album highlighted milestones in Singapore’s development


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Traditional Peranakan dishes and paraphernalia shared by Dr Ong Jin Teong