Faculty Awards 2015


On 20 January, the Faculty of Science held its annual Faculty Awards Ceremony, which recognises faculty and staff who have excelled in the areas of teaching, research and service. Prof TAN Eng Chye, Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost was the Guest of Honour. 


The ceremony this year was held at Platypus Food Bar @ NUS, and aimed to provide an informal and lighthearted setting to encourage mingling and interaction amongst guests and winners.


For the first time, life-sized standees and banners of the award recipients were displayed along the Science Lobby at S16 from 13 to 25 January. The standees garnered much interest and positive attention amongst faculty, staff and students before and after the event.


The awards ceremony commenced with an opening speech by the Dean of Science, Prof SHEN Zuowei. Prof Shen highlighted the importance of teachers in passing on knowledge and inculcating the ability to question, analyse and to look for solutions while inspiring students to be agents of positive change in society. He also shared on how research drives innovation. He said, “Our scientists have established the Faculty’s reputation for cutting-edge research in the sciences.” Prof Shen also commended the excellent service rendered by staff to the Faculty.


The awards presentation segment kick-started with the presentation of the Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards (FTEA). Recipients of the FTEA are recognised for their outstanding abilities and efforts in teaching. 10% of the faculty’s academic population are selected annually for this award, based on a rigorous process which includes student feedback and peer reviews. This year, there were 22 recipients.


This was followed by the Honour Roll Award presentation. Honour Roll recipients have a proven track record of teaching excellence, having been a FTEA recipient for the past three consecutive years. More than just being effective educators, Honour Roll awardees also serve as role models for their colleagues. This year there were six recipients.


Next was the presentation of the Teaching Assistant Award. This award recognises a selected number of outstanding Teaching Assistants for their dedication and commitment in teaching. There were five full-time and 10 part-time teaching assistant award winners this year.


Next, the Outstanding Scientist Award was presented to three recipients who consistently achieved strong research track records in their area of expertise over a period of five years. This was followed by the Young Scientist Award, which is conferred to researchers below 40 years of age based on the potential impact in their respective areas of research. There were four Young Scientist Award recipients.


This year, 46 staff received the Outstanding Service Award, which recognises their exemplary service. This was followed by the Commendation Award which recognises support staff who received compliments for their performance over the years and who went beyond the call of duty to serve the department and Faculty. There were four recipients for this category.


Last but not least, the Faculty paid tribute to individuals who had crossed a significant milestone in their respective careers, and in the process, contributed years of continuous and loyal service to the University and the Faculty. This year, there were 66 recipients. Mdm LOY Gek Luan, who celebrated 45 years with the Faculty, received a rousing applause as she stepped up to collect her award!


After the awards presentation ceremony, attendees were invited to a tea reception at the café as they continued with the celebrations.


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FA 1

Trophies on display before the event


FA 2

The cosy ambience at Platypus Food Bar @ NUS at S16


FA 3

Guests mingling prior to the ceremony


FA 4

Dean Prof Shen Zuowei and Vice Dean (Education & Special Duties) Prof Roger TAN bringing Prof Tan Eng Chye, Guest-of-Honour and Deputy President (Academic Affairs) & Provost on a tour of the banner displays of the award recipients


FA 5

Prof Shen delivering his opening address


FA 6

Prof Tan presenting Dr PETER ALAN Todd the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award


FA 7

Prof Tan presenting Dr YEO Chong Jinn, Darren the Honour Roll Award


FA 8

Prof Tan presenting Mr CHENG Kok Cheong the Teaching Assistant Award


FA 9

Prof Tan presenting Prof WU Jishan the Outstanding Scientist Award


FA 10

Prof Tan presenting Prof Giorgia PASTORIN the Young Scientist Award


FA 11

Prof Shen presenting Prof Tan a token of appreciation


FA 12

Prof Shen presenting Ms Linda Janti OEI the Outstanding Service Award


FA 13

Prof Shen presenting Mdm Malaiyandy DEVI the Commendation Award


FA 14

Prof Shen presenting Mdm LOY Gek Luan the 45 Years Long Service Award