Science alumni Singles Night


The alumni Singles Night was held on 30 October. The event brought together more than 30 Science alumni to Science Centre Singapore for an evening of fun and learning. This was the second run of the annual Singles Night which is co-sponsored by the Social Development Network.


The evening started off with an ice-breaker game over dinner where the participants interacted with one another to find their partner for the night. Thereafter, the participants proceeded for a ‘Science of Wine’ workshop. The workshop was conducted by Adam TEO, a Science educator from the Science Centre Singapore. Adam, who has over 10 years of teaching experience in Australia, the United States and Singapore, conducts garden classes on animals and plants, natural science as well as kitchen laboratory classes.


During the workshop, the participants learnt about the scientific processes of wine production through a series of fun experiments and activities, such as a fermentation experiment, yeast microscope viewing, enzyme activity and sensory perception of tasting wine and oxidised wine at various temperatures. They had more opportunities for interaction as they worked in pairs on these activities.


The night ended with a walk to the Science Centre Observatory, where the participants took turns looking through the telescopes for a star-gazing experience.


Most participants found the workshop to be educational and fun. One participant said, “The event would be even better with more hands-on activities that allow teamwork and more opportunities to mingle with others.”


Singles 1
Adam shared the secrets behind wine-making

 Singles 4
Excited participants working on their experiments