ALIVE! mural of goodwill


The mural aspires to motivate people to be proactive in showing their love and gratitude to others 


The NUS Students’ Science Club Science Volunteer Corps (SVC) has created a one-of-a-kind mural of goodwill — featuring messages of appreciation from NUS students and beneficiaries.


Titled “Reach Out, [and] Share Your Love”, the mural creation was a new initiative of the annual ALIVE! (Appreciating Lives, Initiating Volunteerism Everyday!) event organised by the SVC Committee. It aspires to remind people to take the initiative to spread their gift of love with simple expressions of appreciation for others. SVC hopes the mural will galvanize students to actively volunteer and reach out to needy communities, and bring to them warmth and happiness.


Some 120 NUS students and beneficiaries from Fei Yue Community Services and Caregiving Welfare Association attended the ALIVE! event on 2 June at University Town. As with previous years, beneficiaries were treated to carnival-style games and handicraft sessions, where volunteers interacted with and got to know their assigned beneficiaries better. They later penned unique messages on the 484 tiles that make up the mural, which was assembled as a finale to the event.


While several elders chose to write messages of appreciation for being invited to the ALIVE! event, many SVC volunteers and students took the opportunity to say "thank you" to their friends for brightening up their university days.


When pieced together, the tiles form an illustration of two hands reaching towards each other, forming the shape of a heart. The hands were painted in different skin tones, alluding to the fact that love and appreciation should be given to and received by people regardless of their differences. The extended arms symbolise the effort of being proactive in spreading kindness and appreciation. The mural is also symbolic of how each individual holds an equally important role in nurturing a caring society.


The mural will be on permanent display at the Faculty of Science.


By NUS Students’ Science Club



Beneficiaries penning messages of appreciation