Opening of First Regional SCIEX Centre at the Protein and Proteomics Centre


The opening of the SCIEX Centre at the Protein and Proteomics Centre in NUS marks a new phase of partnership between a global leader in mass spectrometry instrumentation and NUS.


Officiating the opening ceremony were Mr. Jean-Paul MANGEOLLE, President SCIEX, Prof Peter HO, Vice-Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Science, Prof Paul MATSUDAIRA, Head of Department for Biological Sciences, and Prof Ganesh ANAND, Director of Protein and Proteomics Centre (PPC).


Said Mr. Mangeolle in his speech, “Among the Centres of Excellence for innovation in Singapore, NUS is number one. We are very honoured to be here and participate into the program. I’ve seen Singapore grow tremendously in the last two decades, from making small investments in life sciences, to attracting all the big names within the pharmaceutical industry to set up offices here.”


The PPC was set up under the aegis of the Department of Biological Sciences, in 2000, as a core facility to provide services in protein separation, purification, identification and quantitation using mass spectrometry-based approaches, for protein biomarker discovery, quantitative proteomics and bioinformatics research. The centre has now become a powerful resource for researchers, both local and regional having made tremendous advances in cancer biomarker discovery and cancer biology over the years.


Witnessing the official opening ceremony was Prof Peter Ho, Vice Dean (Research) of the Faculty, “Today the opening of the SCIEX Centre at the Protein and Proteomics Centre signifies an important step in building a closer relationship between our two great organizations (SCIEX and NUS) to advance translational research in the life sciences.”


On 5 Mar 2015, the Faculty of Science NUS, and SCIEX, signed a memorandum of understanding to further promote joint research and development in cancer biomarker discovery with the acquisition of a QTRAP® 6500 System.


Prof Ganesh addressed the opening speech, “We are now in a position, in PPC’s trajectory, to partner with the world leaders in the technology, and we think it’s going to be a really fruitful future for both SCIEX and PPC, and we look forward to many more years of research collaboration and breakthroughs from them.”


SCIEX Centre at the PPC focuses on advanced research in proteins with an emphasis on mass spectrometry. PPC also works closely with industrial partners and academia in biomedical research. The QTRAP® 6500 system enables powerful workflows that can deliver a new level of confidence in the data. One of the advantages is the signal-to-noise and LOQ improvement of up to five-fold over the widest range of compounds and flow rates.

PPC Ceremony 
From left: Mr Johnson Ho, Vice President & General Manager, APAC; Mr. Jean-Paul Mangeolle, President SCIEX; Prof Paul Matsudaira, Head of Department for Biological Sciences; Prof Peter Ho, Vice-Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Science officiating the opening ceremony.