Launch of Science and Technology 110 exhibition


STE110 1
Guest of Honour, NUS Board of Trustees Chairman Mr Wong Ngit Liong and NUS President Prof Tan Chorh Chuan officiating the launch of Science & Technology 110 Exhibition.


The National University of Singapore (NUS) launched a science and technology exhibition, entitled “Building Our Nation through Science and Technology” on 9 April in celebration of its 110th anniversary. Mr WONG Ngit Liong, Chairman, NUS Board of Trustees, was the Guest of Honour.


The 10-day exhibition features more than 20 projects on five themes: Digital Nation, Healthy Nation, Multimedia Nation, Smart Nation and Sustainable Nation. The Faculty of Science (FoS) featured poster exhibits in quantum technologies, plant genetics, food science, data science and biosensors


Digital Nation

Quantum Cryptography : This display explains how quantum cryptography keeps data safe from hacking. FoS showcased a satellite-based Small Photon-Entangling Quantum System (SPEQS), developed with the long-term goal of building a global communication network that deploys quantum entanglement to protect data privacy.


Multimedia Nation

Data Science : Scientists at the Department of Mathematics, Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, and School of Computing showed how science-based data research, data-driven science research, big data computing and data-driven decision sciences will together transform the way we live, work and play.


Sustainable Nation

Food Science : This technology creates food products that are healthier, safer and more nutritious.

Plant Genetics : This features genetic biomarker technologies that produce higher yielding and more resilient crops for agricultural sustainability and a secure food supply.

Biosensors : The Diversity-Oriented Fluorescence Library Approach (DOFLA) pioneered by FoS scientists is used to develop biomarker visualisers which enable tumours to be imaged, and for fast-response sensors to monitor food and water quality.


A short video on NUS’ leadership and advancements in data science was also shown at the exhibition.


The exhibition will be held from 27 April to 3 May at Vivo City (North Court) and 27 May to 2 June at Great World City.