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04 Our Graduates Trending Our Graduates Employed In Key Employed in Industries Key Industries Industries Our graduates are employed in various high growth and high impact industries. Many of these industries are key pillars driving Singapore’s economy. Clean Consumer Financial Education Technology Businesses Services • Cleantech includes • Expected to create 2,400 • Over 33,000 education • Jobs in retail and clean energy, water jobs from 2014 to 2016 offcers in over 360 commercial banking in and environment schools for primary, roles such as corporate • Jobs in research & • 18,000 jobs generated secondary and pre- transaction banking development, branding in 2015 university education as and trade fnance and marketing, sales, of end 2015 • Jobs in research & supply chain, consumer • Jobs in re/insurance development, sales and insights and analytics in • Other jobs include allied in roles such as marketing, supply chain household and personal educators and executive actuary, underwriting, management, product care companies, food, and administration staff and brokerage development and system beverage and nutrition • Jobs in wealth and asset integration in areas companies, specialty management in roles like smart grids, solar ingredient companies such as investment energy, green buildings, and favours and research and relationship energy effciency, fragrances houses management water treatment, waste • Jobs in risk management management and compliance and pollution • Jobs in fnancial control technology in roles such as data and business analytics, and cyber security InfoComm Media and Digital Research & Safety Technologies Entertainment Development and Security • Almost 15,000 jobs, • Expected to generate • Jobs in the universities • Jobs related to expected to double by 10,000 jobs by 2018 and research institutes development and 2017 in technology domains of deployment of high- • Jobs in sectors like advanced manufacturing tech security solutions • Jobs in data and games, broadcast and and engineering, health and equipment, including cyber security, animation, covering and biomedical sciences, sensors, biometrics, project management, areas like content services and the analytics, command and market research, big creation, distribution digital economy, and control, communications, data, network and and platforms and urban solutions and systems design and infrastructure, and marketing sustainability integration of security emerging technologies systems such as cloud computing Biomedical Sciences • The biomedical manufacturing sector employed close to 16,800 people in 2014 • The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has created over 6,000 jobs. Over the next 3 - 4 years, the biologics manufacturing industry is expected to create another 700 to 1,000 jobs • Jobs in manufacturing, research & development, headquarter activities such as sales and marketing, supply chain management, medical and regulatory affairs, quality management and product development with pharmaceutical companies Sources : Government agencies including Economic Development Board, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, National Research Foundation, Ministry of Education, Singapore Workforce Development Agency 4
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