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DEAN'S FOREWORD I am delighted to invite you to study this careers handbook as you embark on your journey with us in our Science degree programme. It is important for you to start and plan ahead to consider your future career options from day one. Through this handbook, I hope you will not only have a better understanding and appreciation of the value of a Science education, which is becoming increasingly more important in today’s innovation- driven and borderless economy, but it will also open your mind to the many possibilities and options you may have. Although our programmes are designed to train you to meet the Dean of Science, Prof Shen Zuowei complex needs of the future, you will need to play an equally active part in your learning and development in the next few years that you are with us. The future workplace will not be based on what you know but on how you think. This is why a Science education, which hones and develops your thinking and problem-solving skills, will always be relevant. To continue to stay relevant, future workers must also have the passion for continuous and lifelong learning to keep up with the rapid changes in technology and in the globally connected environment. You would need to be able to adapt to change, be resilient and agile, and work collaboratively in a team setting. Our NUS Transformative Science Education is not just about deep domain knowledge and transferrable skills sets acquired through your Science training. It also encompasses other aspects of soft skills that you will pick up through your learning process, including the choices you make in the modules By embracing our you take and the other experiences you go through. Choose your Transformative pathways carefully based on your interest and passion. At the same time, do keep an open mind to venture outside your comfort Science Education, zones to pick up skills sets that you may not already have but can you will enjoy acquire. By embracing our Transformative Science Education, you will enjoy a holistic educational experience, which will maximise a holistic your potential and equip you to be future-ready and employable in many organisations. We would have then prepared you well, not educational just for a career for life but a life of careers. experience, which Since 1929, we have produced scientists, researchers, will maximise entrepreneurs and leaders in many diverse industries who drive your potential Singapore’s growth. Many of our alumni have made important contributions in their respective felds. We are proud to feature and empower some of our young and illustrious alumni in this handbook. While not exhaustive, I trust you will fnd the employers' comments and you to make a our alumni's refections informative and inspiring. difference when Let me take this opportunity to welcome you as a member of our you graduate. Science family and I wish you a fulflling journey with us. Professor Shen Zuowei Dean, Faculty of Science 1
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