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9 9 Influencing the Future Grooming Our fexible curriculum gives students myriad choices to enrich their learning experiences. We ofer undergraduate research Future-ready programmes, internships, special programmes and study abroad programmes which broaden students’ intellectual and personal development and enhance their global outlook. Our Transformative Graduates Science Education equips students to be future-ready through specialised domain expertise and transferable skills. Holistic Global Education Study Abroad Programmes (SAP) at over 300 partner universities open the door to a global learning experience, grooming students to be resilient and culturally sensitive. Katherine NAY YAUNG (pictured; back row, 3rd from left), a Year 4 Life Sciences (Hons) student, spent one semester in Duke University. Students are exposed to a diferent pre- medical environment and read courses at one of the world’s top private universities, thereby developing knowledge and skills to excel as clinician scientists. Katherine said, “I forged many valuable friendships by mingling with local and international students and broadened my horizon through experiencing a diferent culture.” Chemistry student LOW Wen Yi was selected from top The NUS Overseas College (NOC) Programme NUS students to participate in the prestigious Yale immerses students in the culture of leading Visiting International Student Programme, entrepreneurial hubs worldwide, sharpening their which exposes students to science training coupled business and technology acumen. WANG Shenqi with a liberal arts education. This trains them to (pictured; front row, 3rd from right), a Year 4 Life think critically and to communicate clearly. Wen Sciences (Hons) student, spent one semester at Yi (pictured; in discussion with a professor) said, TransAlgae, a biotech start-up in Rehovot, Israel which “I gained varied perspectives and engaged in develops algae-based oral delivery of protein-based interdisciplinary and collaborative work to bring drugs. Shenqi said, “I learnt frst-hand how start-ups ideas from the whiteboard to the real world.” work. This opened another option for me to be an entrepreneur before my post-graduate studies.”
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