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For the past 88 years, thousands of enter the NUS Faculty of Science holding excellence, will continue to draw talented students have enjoyed a premier science high aspirations that their education will and capable students to study science. In education at the NUS Faculty of Science. enable them to do good for themselves and partnership with our supporters, we will Many of these graduates have gone on to for others. Some of them start their learning provide them with an excellent educational carve outstanding careers in education, journey already clear about what they want environment in which they may strive research and industry, playing key roles to achieve. Others take their time to discover and excel. Your gift helps more students during the critical period of nation building. individual areas of interest and grow in them. to achieve their dreams and is an enduring Today, having more science graduates at The NUS Faculty of Science is committed to legacy for a prosperous and secure Singapore. the workplace is crucial to ensuring that come alongside our students, guiding them Help us, and be a part of this dream. Singapore maintains its competitive edge from exploration to discovery and fnally, to in a world of revolutionary scientifc and see the fulflment of their dreams. technological advancements, uncertainty Within these pages, you will get a glimpse and disruption. Science graduates are of the diversity and richness of our students’ Singapore’s hope to advance the frontiers learning experiences. Our students have of science, translate cutting-edge research taken varied pathways to develop themselves for industry, and drive the economy in academically and beyond. Their immense Prof SHEN Zuowei Prof Leo TAN order to power Singapore’s next phase potential in diverse felds will help make Dean Director Faculty of Science Special Projects of development. Faculty of Science Singapore’s future better for all. The Faculty Each year, many talented young students of Science, with our long tradition of Co-Chair, Science Merit Co-Chair, Science Merit Scholarship Committee Scholarship Committee
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