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3 è Food Science & Technology: Food è Pharmaceutical Biology & Drug è Statistical Methodology & Probability Microbiology & Safety; Food Processing Disposition: Disease Etiology, Theory: Bayesian Inference; Big Data; & Engineering; Human Nutrition. Biomarkers & Targets; Pharmacokinetics, Computational Statistics; Deep- LEE KONG CHIAN NATURAL HISTORY & Pharmacodynamics. Learning; Distributional Approximation; MUSEUM è Pharmaceutical Technology & Innovative Empirical Likelihood; Functional Data è Biodiversity Research: Natural History; Therapeutics: Formulation & Processing; Analysis; High Dimensional Data Analysis; Longitudinal Data Analysis; Species Discovery; Taxonomy; Innovative Nano-Therapeutics; Smart Monte- Carlo Methods; Semi- and Non- Systematics; Conservation of Southeast Drug Delivery & Novel Bio-systems. Parametric Regression; Survival Analysis. Asia’s Fauna. PHYSICS MATHEMATICS è Advanced Materials: 2D Materials; For the latest research news, please è Pure Mathematics: Algebra & Number Nanostructures & Energy; Organic visit: Theory; Combinatorics & Graph Theory; Semiconductors; Oxides; Spectroscopies; research-news Dynamical Systems; Geometry & Surface Science. Topology; Mathematical Logic & è Biological & Soft Matter Physics: Theoretical Computer Science; Partial Biopolymers; Mechanics of Biomolecules. Diferential Equations & Geometric è Ion Beam Science & Technology: Proton Analysis; Probability; Real, Functional & Beam Writing; Proton Microscopy. Harmonic Analysis; Representation è Theoretical & Computational Physics: Theory & Automorphic Forms. Astrophysics & Cosmology; Condensed è Applied & Computational Mathematics: Matter Physics; Electromagnetics & Computational Biology & Bioinformatics; Acoustics; Nonlinear Dynamics & Imaging & Vision Science; Mathematical Complex Systems; String Theory. Finance & Mathematical Economics; è Quantum Information Technologies: Numerical Analysis & Scientifc Cold Atoms & Molecules; Atom & Ion Computing; Optimisation. Trapping; Cryptography; Quantum PHARMACY Entanglement & Information Theory; è Drug Discovery & Design: Computational Quantum Optics & Atom-Photon Modelling & Informatics; Natural Interaction. Products & Traditional Chinese Medicine STATISTICS AND APPLIED PROBABILITY (TCM); Rational Drug Discovery. è Applications: Biostatistics; è Health Services Research: Clinical Computational Biology; Environmental Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice; Statistics; Financial Statistics; Infectious Disease Control & Management; Disease Modelling; Networks; Neural Pharmacoeconomics. Science; Statistical Genetics.
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