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5 DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY OUR PROGRAMMES AT A GLANCE Undergraduate Programmes è Integral to this programme is the è This programme grooms future leaders B.SC. (HONS) AND B.SC. IN CHEMISTRY Professional Placement Programme, in selected areas of technology in the where students are attached to pharmaceutical and chemical industries. è In Years 1 and 2, you will study the companies in their 3rd year of studies core principles of these 4 branches for up to 6 months. M.SC. BY COURSEWORK of Chemistry: Analytical, Inorganic, è Designed for students with either a Organic and Physical Chemistry. è Our Food Science & Technology 3-year or a 4-year degree to pursue a Programme is accredited by the graduate degree in Chemistry. è Honours students can either study International Union of Food Science and towards a general Honours degree or Technology (IUFoST) for meeting the è Specialisations are ofered in these pursue one of these specialisations: areas: Analytical Chemistry, Synthetic international standards and guidelines • Materials Chemistry: You will learn for outcome-based academic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry and about the synthesis, characterisations programmes. B.Sc. (Hons) and B.Sc. in Medicinal Chemistry. and applications of diferent polymers Food Science and Technology are the M.SC. / PH.D. BY RESEARCH and materials. only IUFoST accredited degrees in è Possible research areas include: • Medicinal Chemistry: You will learn Singapore. Analytical Science, Catalysis, about the design and synthesis of DOUBLE MAJOR IN CHEMISTRY AND FOOD Computation, Modelling and compounds as potential drugs, SCIENCE Spectroscopy, Food Science and identify their functional groups and è The 2nd Major in Food Science is Technology, Inorganic and Organic interactions with targets, as well as designed for students with a strong Chemistry, Materials Science, Medicinal the methods to assay the compounds. Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Surface chemistry background. • Environment and Energy: You will learn è You will receive training and applied Science. about (i) techniques to sample and perspectives in areas such as food analyse environmental samples, and analysis and favour science, and (ii) energy generation and conversion achieve a broad understanding on processes, impacts of energy polices, other important aspects of food beyond and the chemistry and physics the physical and chemical properties. underlying the exploitation of some energy resources. For information on 2nd Major and Minor CONTACT US è Our B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry programme courses ofered by the department, is accredited by the Royal Society of please browse the chapter on “Admission DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Chemistry. Information”. National University of Singapore B.SC. (HONS) AND B.SC. IN FOOD SCIENCE Blk S8, Level 3, 3 Science Drive 3 & TECHNOLOGY Graduate Programmes Singapore 117543 è In this boutique programme, you will JOINT M.SC. IN INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY Tel : (65) 6516 8142 learn about the full spectrum of food è Jointly ofered with the Faculty of science and technology, with emphases Chemistry of the Technical University of on food safety, new food product Munich. development, food processing, and human nutrition.
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