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FRENCH DOUBLE DEGREE PROGRAMME With the GRANDES ÉCOLES ABOUT THE GRANDES ÉCOLES Unique to France, the first Grandes Écoles were established The Grandes Écoles are the most prestigious higher education in the early 19th century. All Grandes Écoles offer five-year institutions in France outside the country’s mainstream Diplôme recognized by the French government to be equivalent framework of public universities where the country’s future to the European Master’s Degree. The Grandes Écoles are élites are taught. Over 60% of the Managing Directors and a highly competitive group of Science, Engineering and Chief Executives in France’s 100 largest firms graduated from Computing schools which are well-known for their stringent the Grandes Écoles. NUS, Faculty of Science has the honour of admission criteria. Only the top 0.16% of students who pass partnering the seven Grandes Écoles to provide our Maths and the Bacalaureate Examinations in France after two years of Physics students with the opportunity to embark on studies preparatory classes (i.e. classes préparatoires aux grandes over a substantial period of time abroad in France. écoles) are admitted. It takes more than just excellent grades to be admitted. Students must be able to demonstrate that they are extremely hard workers, have the passion and determination. ABOUT THE PROGRAMME Students from the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the Faculty of Science who complete their first semester within the top 2 5% will be invited to apply for this programme. This is the most intense programme of all the Study Abroad Programmes. Intensive preparatory classes in Mathematics, Physics and French will be provided to students in order to equip them with a good foundation to cope with studies in the Grandes Écoles. The programme structure is shown in the table below: First two years at NUS (Year 1 & Year 2) Training in Mathematics, Physics and French (including language immersions in France) Next two years at the Grandes Écoles Core curriculum and optional internships / industrial attachments (Year 3 & Year 4) Final year at NUS (Year 5 and/or 6) Masters Upon successful completion of the entire programme, students will be awarded with a total of three degrees – The Bachelor of Science degree with Honors and the Master of Science degree from NUS, and the “Diplôme d’Ingenieur” from the French Grandes Écoles. For students attending the École Polytechnique, they will receive an additional “Diplôme de l’Ecole Polytechnique” which is a second Master’s degree in a specialised domain. IED brochure.indd 2 8/20/14 6:10 PM
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