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Seize The Opportunity! Embark on an international adventure. Reach for the World - Go Gl bal In its efforts to be globally connected, NUS has over the years formed many global alliances with various prestigious universities around the world. Today, NUS students have plenty of exciting opportunities to experience the world through the various Study Abroad Programmes NUS offers. At the Faculty of Science, exceptional emphasis has been placed on these Study Abroad Programmes, as we believe in the importance of well-rounded global education. These overseas initiatives are golden opportunities to study with like-minded students in another academic setting, immerse in a different culture, understand about the history and 1 traditions of the host country and most invaluable of all establish life-long friendships. At the Faculty, we believe in the irreplaceable benefits of study abroad experiences. We believe that these experiences make our students more socially responsible, entrepreneurial-minded, culturally sensitive, active learners and proactive agents of change. Imagine learning German in Munich, discovering Mayan civilizations in Mexico, or studying forest conservation in Canada. We have created the opportunities and paved the way… the rest is up to you. IED brochure.indd 1 8/20/14 6:10 PM
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