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Proton Therapy

SPEAKER: Dr James C L Lee  
Chief Radiation Physicist 
Division of Radiation Oncology 
National Cancer Centre Singapore

SPEAKER: Prof Andrew A. Bettiol 
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
National University of Singapore
Principal Investigator
Centre for Ion Beam Applications
National University of Singapore

Dr Lee will explain the physics, clinical benefits and technology of proton therapy. Advanced radiotherapy has gone beyond the use of photon and electron radiation into heavy charge particle therapy. The use of proton therapy has increased in the last decade. Singapore is expected to have proton therapy in the next few years. The advantage of proton therapy over conventional radiotherapy is the significant sparing of healthy tissues. This allows clinicians to adopt a more targeted approach and to possibly increase the therapeutic dose. 

Prof Bettiol will focus on proton therapy. This includes a review of radiobiology research and beamlines from around the world; the design and a progress update of the new radiobiology beamline at the Centre for Ion Beam Applications (CIBA), NUS, a multi-disciplinary research centre which develops new technologies based on fast protons and ions; targeted cell irradiation versus random irradiation with radioactive sources; and applications of targeted single cell irradiation including the bystander effect and fundamental studies of DNA damage and repair mechanisms.

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