Nuclear Power and Safety

SPEAKER: Prof Chung Keng Yeow   
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
 National University of Singapore 

This session introduces various types of nuclear power plants (NPPs) and the basic principles of their operation.  This is followed by a discussion of the concept of “defence-in-depth” in NPP design and operation (the implementation of multiple levels of protection) to prevent the occurrence of severe accidents leading to emission of radioactive materials into the environment.  In extreme circumstances, severe accidents may still happen, as seen in the failure of the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant in 2011. Some results will be presented of a recent in-house study using the European integral severe accident simulator ASTEC to illustrate how the emission of radioactive materials into the environment may be significantly reduced, through appropriate responses in a hypothetical severe accident resulting from a combination of an initialisation event and simultaneous failure of some crucial safety systems.

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