Production and Detection
of Radiation and Isotopes

SPEAKER: Dr Chan Taw Kuei  
Department of Physics
 National University of Singapore 

This session will cover the production and detection of radiation and isotopes. This includes an introduction to accelerators like Cyclotrons, Synchrotrons and Linacs; accelerator production of radiation, covering photons for conventional radiotherapy and protons for proton therapy; X-ray tubes, which includes working principles, emission spectrums, collimation and heel effects; radiation detectors such as gas filled detectors (GM, proportional counters, ionisation chambers), scintillation detectors (NaI, photo-multiplier tubes, Anger Gamma Cameras, indirect TFT detectors) and semiconductor detectors (direct TFT detectors, high-purity germanium detectors (HPGe) detectors). Radioisotope production will also be introduced. This includes accelerator and reactor based production (11²C, 18²F, 99²mTc, 123²I etc.)

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