X-ray Radiography and Computed Tomography

SPEAKER: Prof Prof Kwan-Hoong Ng
Professor of Medical Physics
Department of Biomedical Imaging
Faculty of Medicine
University of Malaya
Emeritus President
South East Asian Federation of Medical Physics

SPEAKER: Dr Chan Taw Kuei  
Department of Physics
 National University of Singapore 

This session will delve into X-ray radiography and computed tomography (CT). This includes subject density and X-ray attenuation; Half Value Layer (HVL), beam hardening, magnification and blurring; screen-film Radiography (SFR) characteristic curves, optical density, speed and film sensitivity; digital radiography which includes photo-stimulable phosphor screens and digital thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display flat panel detectors, dose creep; specialised imaging modes, namely fluoroscopy and mammography; and computed tomography scans, including methodology, scan geometry, detector setup, multislice helical CT, Hounsfiled units and image reconstruction.

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