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Radiation Hazards,
Safety and Protection

SPEAKER: Prof Prof Kwan-Hoong Ng
Professor of Medical Physics
Department of Biomedical Imaging
Faculty of Medicine
University of Malaya
Emeritus President
South East Asian Federation of Medical Physics

SPEAKER: Mr S Somanesan
Senior Principal Radiation Physicist 
Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET 
Singapore General Hospital
Society of Medical Physicists (Singapore)

This session will cover the biological effects of radiation, including the deterministic and stochastic effects of radiation; dosage assessments, including external and internal dosimetry and the MIRD Scheme (Medical Internal Radiation Dose); risk evaluation of irradiation and contamination; the principles of reducing exposure from external sources; as well as the rules and regulations governing radiation hazards, including the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) Principle which is a safety principle designed to minimise radiation doses and releases of radioactive materials, annual dose limits and radioactive waste disposal. 

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