Gifting Opportunities


NUS Science offers different ways for your gifts to make a lasting contribution to our future generations.

World-Class Education


NUS is one of the prime movers in shaping Singapore’s scientific landscape in education and research, and one of the best universities in the world for science education.

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Help us attract more talented students to study Science at NUS with a scholarship award.

  • Individual Named Scholarship: You can donate to a scholarship in your own name or have it named after a loved one
  • Named Professor Scholarship: You and your friends can donate towards a scholarship named after an eminent professor whom you wish to honour
  • Class Scholarship: Alumni can donate towards a class scholarship named after your cohort graduation year
  • Corporate Scholarship: Organisations can donate towards a scholarship that carries the name of the company
* Naming of scholarships is subject to approval of the university

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With rising costs of living, some students find a tertiary education financially burdensome. Bursaries give needy students the valuable opportunity of enjoying the full benefits of NUS Science’s holistic education without financial worries. Your support will make science education at NUS more accessible, improve students’ futures and change their lives.

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The Science Student Fund (SSF) was established in 2008. It is a fund raised from donations from students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends for Science students with financial difficulties or concerns. It comprises the SSF Bursary and SSF Emergency Aid.

Science Student Fund (SSF) Bursary

The SSF Bursary helps students from lower income families to embark on their undergraduate education at NUS in spite of their financial challenges. Each donation of $2,500 to the SSF goes towards an annual bursary for a needy student.

Science Student Fund (SSF) Emergency Aid

SSF provides timely emergency aid to Science students who encounter an emergency or unfortunate situation. These circumstances may include bankruptcy, retrenchment, medical or mental disability of the student or a family member who is an important financial contributor. This emergency assistance is for the semester, to help the student continue with his/her study within a short term.

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SSOEF was set up in 2006 to provide financial support to needy students for special academic programmes such as study abroad programmes and student exchange programmes, overseas conferences, competitions and other academic-related programmes which enhance students’ learning experiences and exposure.

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Community Service Initiatives

We are proud to support the NUS Students' Science Club's Project Angel. This is a Science student-led humanitarian project to the region. Project Angel has participated in projects in China, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Thailand.

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Science Strategic Development Fund


The Fund was established in 2011 to support our strategic development and allow the Faculty the flexibility to direct funds where they are needed. We count on your support to advance our mission to provide quality education, foster the spirit of enterprise and conduct leading-edge research, in our quest to excel in a fast-changing landscape.

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State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The Faculty has state-of-the-art facilities catering to our unique pedagogy, pioneering research and vibrant student life. Our infrastructure provides a foundation for academic and research excellence, enabling our students and scientists to perform at their best. In addition, there are facilities, spaces and buildings that are available for naming.

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Dynamic Research Culture

Professorships and Fellowships allow us to bring top researchers from around the world to our Faculty. Our researchers advance global scientific thinking in several important areas. These include data science, mathematics and statistics, advanced materials, chemistry, physics, environmental and biodiversity research as well as biological, biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences.

Please contact Ms YONG Lai Cheng at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more about gifting opportunities at NUS Science.