NUS - Hokkaido University Summer Programme: Seafood Supply Chains in Japan and Singapore


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Trace seafood products from its point of production to the final consumer in this exciting summer programme through a understanding regional issues as Asia undergoes rapid developments. This exclusive 6-week summer programme in both Hokkaido and Singapore is designed for NUS students with a spirit of adventure and an interest in the local and Japan's seafood industry.

There will be an online learning phase to prepare students prior to face-to-face classes with academic/industry experts in Hokkaido University and NUS, followed by a 1 week exchange in Japan with Hokkaido University students; participating in classes, active discussions, practical/research activities, as well as field trips to relevant sites and companies to correlate what you learn in class to industrial practices. Students will also get to work in small groups on projects pertinent to current practices in the seafood industry or challenges faced or that are likely to develop in the near future in particular in Japan and Singapore/SEA. In addition, you will also be introduced to the Japanese culture and language.

The module offered by Faculty of Science for this summer programme is FST2204 Seafood Supply Chains in Japan and Singapore.
This module aims to provide students a practical and in-depth knowledge in the seafood industry in particular Japan and Singapore.
You will gain the opportunity to broaden your knowledge on the origin of seafood products as well as understand how such products are processed before they reach the market. It is also a good gateway to understand another country's culture!

You will earn 4 MCs from completing the module which can count towards your fulfilment of graduation requirements.



In a nutshell:
  • 6 weeks summer programme jointly organised by NUS and Hokkaido University
  • Module: FST2204 Seafood Supply Chains in Japan and Singapore
  • 4 MCs modular credits towards fulfillment of graduation requirement
  • 2 weeks elearning phase
  • 1 week of field trips in NUS
  • 1 week of lessons and exchange experience in Hokkaido University in Hakodate, Japan 
  • 1 week of assessments



Programme Period

19 June 2017 to 28 July 2017



Application Details and Contact Information

Thank you for your interest. Application is now closed.