Overseas Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS) at Chang Gung University (CGU)
Programme Overview

Chang Gung University (CGU) is offering Overseas Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS) in the areas of Medical Physics, Reliability Sciences and Biomedical Sciences to NUS Faculty of Science students.

Students will get an opportunity to conduct research related to proton therapy and medical imaging at the Institute of Radiological Research (jointly set up by Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and CGU) and/or the Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences in the College of Medicine, CGU. The College of Medicine is one of the top ranking medical colleges in Taiwan.

Alternatively, students may choose to conduct research related to reliability sciences, a unique subject which integrates science and engineering, at the Centre of Reliability Science and Technology (CReST), CGU. CReST aims to conduct high quality, cooperative research to benefit international advanced technology communities by helping them to produce reliable, safe, and operationally available products and systems.

Students may also choose to conduct research in the area of Biomedical Sciences on topics such as molecular genetics, cancer biology and immunology.

Please refer to the list of projects for possible placements. Do log on to NUS WebVPN before accessing the list.

Please do not contact the research supervisor at CGU for a placement before receiving an offer from NUS.


The programme takes place in Taoyuan, Taiwan.


The programme takes place from 13 May 2019 to 3 Aug 2019.


Students will be assessed according to CGU's assessment criteria and receive a transcript issued by the institution. Credits obtained may be transferred to a 4 Modular Credits (MCs) Level 2000/3000 UROPS for Life Sciences, Chemistry and Physics majors.

For students taking a major in other areas, the 4 MCs will be counted towards Unrestricted Electives (UE), unless mapping of the research project to a Level 2000/3000 UROPS is approved by the NUS department. Do note that the approval process will be requested by the Science Dean's Office on the students' behalf, and additional assessment may be required from the student by the NUS department for transferring of credits to a UROPS module.

With effect from AY2018/2019, students may transfer up to a maximum of 10 Modular Credits (MCs) for each summer programme (takes place between May and July) and up to a maximum of 5 MCs for each winter programme (takes place in December).

Students can transfer a total of 12 MCs from a maximum of 2 overseas summer/winter programmes without having to pay tuition at NUS. Any additional MCs transferred will be subjected to NUS Special Term fees.

Eligibility Criteria

NUS students must:

  • Be a full-time Faculty of Science student.
  • Have a clean disciplinary record.
  • All Year 2 and Year 3 students may apply
  • Not intending to graduate at the end of Semester 2.
  • Not be National Servicemen who are called up for In-Camp Training (ICT). Deferment letter will not be provided.

Shortlisted candidates may be required to attend an interview at the Science Dean’s Office in the week of 21 January 2019. After accepting the internal offer, you will be informed further on subsequent steps and project requirements.

An internal offer does not guarantee your placement in the programme. Your admission outcome is up to the discretion of the partner institution.

Number of Places

There are 6 places available.

Programme Cost

Students do not need to pay NUS Special Term fees or tuition fees to CGU if they do not exceeed the credits transfer limit stated under the section "Credits" above. However, students are responsible for their own airfare, accommodation, meals, personal expenses, etc.

Estimated cost (Please note that the figures provided are only estimates)



  Return Airfare



  SGD150/month (sharing basis)

  Food and Transport


Financial Assistance

Click here to find out more about the various financial assistance schemes offered by NUS.

Programme Application Procedure and Deadline

To apply, login to Education Records System (EduRec) and submit your application under External Study Type “Research Attachment/Internship/Industrial Attachment”. Please also submit the following documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject, “Overseas Summer Research 2019 – [Name of Partner University]”. The deadline for application and documents submission is 16 January 2019.

  1. Latest NUS unofficial transcript (downloadable from EduRec).
  2. Curriculum Vitae. Highlight any prior research experience that you may have to support your application.
  3. Personal statement, including your area of research interest/project, why you are interested in the mentioned area/project, name of supervisor you wish to work with, etc. Please indicate clearly the project you are interested in. Please do not contact the research supervisor at Chang Gung University for a placement before receiving an internal offer from NUS.
  4. One recommendation letter from a faculty member in the field/s related to your major. Please ask your recommender to send the recommendation letter, either via harcopy or softcopy, directly to the Science Dean's Office (Attn: Ms Ong Kai Yi) or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and the name of the Partner University you are applying for.

Please refer to Guide for Student Programme Application BEFORE your application. You will need to log on to NUS WebVPN before accessing the Guide and EduRec.


All students travelling overseas for activities or purposes approved, endorsed, organised, sponsored or authorised by NUS will be covered by the NUS Student Travel Insurance Policy. Click here (under Insurance Cover for Official NUS Trips) for more information.

Exclusions to the NUS Student Travel Insurance may apply. Students are to ensure that they have sufficient travel insurance coverage, and may consider purchasing additional travel insurance if required.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..