SRP Reflections


Here are some of our SRPians' reflections:


"This SRP experience was very enriching for me. Although some of the experimental techniques were difficult to understand at first, I was able grasp the concepts after some time with your help. Also, sufficient readings were given to make my learning easier, considering that this was quite an in-depth project. Any questions or problems I had were always addressed promptly. Emphasis was also placed on getting a publication which is very important as it can be extremely useful for university applications and it is also a very good experience. I also attended the ICYRAM conference which was the first time I attended a science conference of this scale. There are also opportunities to take part in competitions e.g. SSEF. Overall, Dr. Reddy's assistance is greatly appreciated in this project. I would have had a very difficult time otherwise. I also always have been interested in research science especially in quantum physics but this is the first time I have actually experienced what research is like. I have been inspired to pursue my goal of becoming a research scientist. This has been a very good experience that was made better by my mentor's guidance and help."

        ~Gundlapalli Prithvi, St Andrew's Junior College, SRP 2012/13


"SRP was a really great opportunity for me to engage in areas of research that I was passionate in.The programme allowed me to be equipped with necessary and useful skills, both through the research method modules (RMMs) that were conducted at the beginning of the program as well as the research attachment in NUS’s laboratories."

      ~ Ang Qian Bo Joseph, Hwa Chong Institution, SRP 2009/10


"SRP opened the window for me to explore the intriguing identity of nature through research."

       ~Lee Jian Xing Clement,Hwa Chong Institution, SRP 2009/10


"My SRP experience was an unforgettable one. As I was working on an experimental material science project, I recall spending many long days in the laboratory optimizing the experimental conditions to better understand the growth characteristics of the material which I was studying. In the process, I learnt several important traits in research, one of which was perseverance. This experience under SRP was truly enjoyable and has allowed me to find an interest in research. Thank you for making this  opportunity possible!"

       ~ Seah Wei Ling, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science,SRP 2007/08