Joint M.Sc. Science Communication: Research Project Information



1. Students enrolled in M.Sc. Science Communication are required to complete a research project and written report. The research project carries 12 Modular Credits (MCs) which is equivalent to three regular NUS modules.

2. Students are to register for the M.Sc. Science Communication Research Project module (MW5200) at the beginning of the semester they intend to submit their research project.


Getting Started

1. Decide on an area or topic to work on. Have a framework in mind to facilitate discussion with your potential supervisor(s).

2. Go through the list of faculty members on the internet to source for potential supervisors.

  • For faculty members in the Department of Biological Sciences, please refer here.
  • For faculty members in the Department of Chemistry, please refer here.
  • For faculty members in the Department of Mathematics, please refer here.
  • For faculty members in the Department of Pharmacy, please refer here.
  • For faculty members in the Department of Physics, please refer here.
  • For faculty members in the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, please refer here.

3. Some faculty members have posted research project proposals. To view the proposals, please click here. Login is required. Only M.Sc. Science Communication students are given access.

4. Contact the staff directly to set up discussion/ appointment time.

5. If the staff agrees to the supervision, confirm the research project title and submit the 'Nomination of Supervisor' form immediately. Students, in consultation with their project supervisors, are to nominate an examiner for their research project. To download the form for nomination of supervisor(s) and examiner, please click here.

6. In order to have as much time as possible to work on their research projects, students are strongly encouraged to do the above preparation process as early as possible in their candidature.


Research Project Schedule (for Semester 2, AY2016/2017)

Week 1: Briefing on Research Project Requirements

Attend the briefing on Research Project Requirements on Friday, 6 January 2017, 5pm at S16-05-11 Dean's Lounge. Attendance is compulsory. 


Recess Week: Mid-Semester Progress Review

 Submit a written abstract and give a presentation on Saturday, 25 February 2017. This assessment will be graded and will contribute to the final grade of the project module. 


Week 12: Research Project Thesis Submission

Submit the following by Friday, 7 April 2017:

  • 1 printed or soft copy of report to supervisor* 
  • 1 printed or soft copy of report to research project examiner*
  • CDs or thumb drive containing digital information that forms part of the research project, to be submitted to both supervisor and examiner (if applicable)
  • Upload softcopy of report to E-Archive
  • Upload softcopy of report to Turnitin-integrated IVLE Workbin

Late submissions are subject to marks penalty.

*Students are to check with their respective supervisors and examiners if they prefer printed copies or soft copies before the submission deadline. For soft copy submission, students may either submit a thumb drive containing their report, or email their report to their respective supervisors and examiners. 


Week 13: Science Comm Congress

Students are to present and defend their research project during the Science Comm Congress, which will be held on Saturday, 15 April 2017.


Submission and Evaluation

Research Project Report

1. The research project report should be in A4 size. 

2. Printed copies should be single sided and may be ring-bound or held together in folders or files. If a project requires programming, each copy of the report should also be accompanied with a disk or CD containing the programme.

3. For softcopy submission, students are required to submit the report in the Turnitin-integrated IVLE Workbin, E-Archive, email their respective supervisors and examiners or submit a thumb drive containing their project report to the course administrator. Programmes and appendices are not required for the uploading of the report to E-Archive but is required for submission to supervisors and examiners. For E-Archive submission, please do so here. Login is required. For more information on submitting files to the Turnitin-Integrated IVLE Workbin, please refer to .

4. There is no strict limit on the length of the report but reports should not be excessively long (not more than 65 pages).

5. Font size should be at least 12pts and paragraphs should be double-spaced. The margins on each page should be at least 3cm (top, bottom, left and right).

6. The report must be submitted by the stipulated deadline. It will be assessed by the supervisor and examiner (nominated by the supervisor). 


Oral Presentation during the Science Comm Congress

1. Each student is required to give an oral presentation on his/her research project. The oral presentation should last between 30-45 minutes. It will be assessed by the supervisor and examiner during the Science Comm Congress.

Interview and Q&A Session during the Science Comm Congress

1. Following the oral presentation during the Science Comm Congress, each student will be interviewed by the supervisor and examiner team. The interview will focus on the subject matter of the research project.

2. Depending on the extent of the questions and answers, the interview may take between 30-45 minutes, and will give the student an opportunity to clear up misunderstandings or uncertainties about the materials presented in the research project. At the interview, the assessors may give the student a list of matters requiring attention (ranging from typographical to factual errors) and correction. The student will be required to amend the report accordingly.

3. Members of the audience may also post questions on the presentation. The student's ability to address these questions will be assessed as well. 


Amended Research Project Submission (if applicable)

1. A student who is required to make amendments to the report should do so immediately after the interview.

2. One printed or soft copy should be submitted to the supervisor. If the research project requires programming which also has to be amended, a new thumb drive or CD containing the revised programme should be submitted together with the amended report. This version will be used by the supervisor in the final assessment. Students will also need to resubmit a softcopy of the amended report in the E-Archive.

3. Both submissions must be completed by 12pm on Friday, 29 April 2017.  



Supervisors and Examiners

To download the research project evaluation forms, please click here.


Electronic Archive

To view research projects submitted by other M.Sc. Science Communication students, please click here. Login is required.