Current Coursework Students: Continuation & Graduation Requirements


Graduation Requirements

Students must obtained a minimum Cumulated Average Point (CAP) of 3.00 for graduation.

A student will be issued a warning for any semester in which his/her CAP falls below 3.00.

If in the following semester, the student's CAP again falls below 3.00 but above 2.5, he/she will be placed on probation.

The candidature of a student may be terminated if he/she obtains the following:

  • A CAP of less than 2.50 for two consecutive semesters
  • A CAP of less than 3.00 for three consecutive semesters


The following are the Grades and the corresponding Grade Point:

A+ (5.00)
A   (5.00)
A-  (4.50)
B+ (4.00)
B   (3.50)
B-  (3.00)
C+ (2.50)
C   (2.00)
D+ (1.50)
D   (1.00)
F    (0.00)



English Language Requirements

International students may be required to take an English Language proficiency test (Diagnostic English Test) unless exemption has been granted. This test will determine whether candidates would need to take the Graduate English course.

Master programme candidates should achieve an intermediate level of proficiency in the Graduate English course.

To fulfil the English Language requirement, students must obtain a Grade C and above. Starting from AY2012 Semester 2 intake, students will be charged a module fee of S$2,000 if they have to repeat the English module.