Coursework Programmes : Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is a coursework programme?

A: Aimed at working professionals, our coursework programmes are designed for university graduates who wish to advance their knowledge and careers in their chosen fields of specialization.
The M.Sc. degrees are awarded once the candidates pass the relevant examinations in a prescribed number of modules. Candidates may also undertake a project in lieu of a certain number of modules. Students may enrol for any of these programmes on a part-time or full-time basis.


Q: What is the difference between being a part-time and full-time students?

A: Apart from the school fees and the minimum and maximum candidature, generally, the main difference is in the maximum number of modules that students may register per semester. Most full-time students may register up to 6  modules per semester and part-time students may register up to 3 modules per semester. However, some programmes may have different restrictions. Please check with the respective departments or their websites for details.


Q: I hold an Employment Pass/ Work Pass. Can I apply to study part-time?

A: Employment Pass (EP) and other Work Pass holders can only study part-time as full-time study requires a Student's Pass. EP and Work Pass holders who wish to study full-time will have to surrender their work passes and then apply for a Student's Pass. International candidates who are pursuing the degree on a part-time basis will be required to have a valid work pass to stay in Singapore.


Q: Can I switch from full-time to part-time (vice versa) during the course of studies?

A: Yes, this can be done at the beginning of each semester, before the end of Instructional Week 2. Application must be made in writing to the Vice Dean of Graduate Programmes, through the department. International students on Student Pass are not allowed to switch to part-time study. Generally, students are allowed to convert between Part-Time and Full-Time studies or vice versa only once during their entire candidature.


Q: What is Track 1 and Track 2?

A: Candidates may be admitted to one of two study tracks which are catered to candidates with different levels of qualifications:
Track 1 (40 MC): This is meant primarily for programmes that admit students with fairly homogeneous backgrounds (at least a Bachelor degree with honours).
Track 2 (80 MC): This is meant for programmes that admit students from a broad diversity of backgrounds (at least a Bachelor degree).


Q: After obtaining M.Sc. by coursework, can I proceed to PhD?

A: We do not offer Ph.D. by coursework. Ph.D. programmes in the Faculty of Science are by research. If you are interested to pursue Ph.D. upon completion of M.Sc. by coursework, you will have to apply for admission into the Ph.D. programme. There is no direct admission for coursework students into the Ph.D. programme.


Q: Is there any age limit?

A: There is no age limit.


Q: How much is the course fees?

A: The course fees vary from programme to programme. Please refer to the respective programme websites for the most updated information on course fees.


Q: Are scholarships available?

A: There are no scholarships available for graduate coursework programmes.


Q: I am an NUS staff, am I eligible for staff concession?

A: Staff concession is applicable to full-time staff members who are enrolled in government-subsidised NUS graduate coursework programmes on a part-time basis. They should be in service when they submit their application. Eligible staff members may apply for concession via the Office of Human Resources before the start of the applicable semester. For clarification on guidelines and other related enquiries, please contact Office of Human Resources - Compensation and Benefits section.



Q: How many intakes are there?

A: Some programmes have two intakes while the others, only one.

January intake only:

  • Master of Science in Science Communication

August intake only:

  • Master of Science in Forensic Science
  • Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry
  • Master of Science in Chemistry for Energy and Environment
  • Master of Science in Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Master of Science in Quantitative Finance
  • Master of Science in Statistics
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

January and August intake:

  • Master of Science in Chemistry
  • Master of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Master of Science in Mathematics
  • Master of Science in Applied Physics
  • Master of Science in Physics
  • Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology


Q: I have forgotten my application password to the online application system. What should I do?

A: Please go to the online application system login page to reset your password. You are required to enter the email address which you have used to register an account with the system. Upon submission of the email address, you will receive an email containing the link to reset the password. Please follow the on screen instructions accordingly.


Q: Do I need to print and post the hardcopy application to the University?

A: Yes you will need to, along with the hardcopies of your other supporting documents. Please refer to the information on application page, under the section 'Instructions on Application'.


Q: When will I know the outcome of the application?

A: All applicants will be informed of their application status by end June (for August Intake) or end November (for January Intake).


Q: If I am successful in my application, can I defer admission?

A: Deferment of admission is not encouraged. You are advised to apply when you are ready. Should an unforeseen situation arise that requires you to defer your admission, you may forward your request, specifying your reasons, to the Vice-Dean of Graduate Programmes, through the department. Deferment requests received ten days and below prior to the matriculation date will not be accepted.


Q: Can I apply for more than one programme at the same time?

A: Yes, you may. You must use the "Add New Application" feature in the application portal. However, you need to attach separate sets of supporting documents for each programme for which you are applying. The application fee must also be paid for each application submitted. If you are successful in more than one application, you must choose to pursue only one programme.


Q: Can I apply for the programme if I only have a basic degree?

A: Applicants with only a basic degree may apply for the Track 2 (80MCs) programme.


Q: Can I apply for the programme if my honours degree differs from the area I am applying for?

A: You may still apply for the programme. All applications are assessed for relevance in background knowledge and work experience, with respect to the course.


Q: Must I sit for TOEFL and GRE tests?

A: Please refer to the admission requirements for the degree that you are applying for.
Submission of score sheets may be submitted to departments within two weeks after the application closing dates. Please inform the department if you are submitting after the closing date.

Please use the following codes when applying for the GRE or TOEFL tests.


  • Institution code - 0677
  • Physics - 0808
  • Mathematics - 0703
  • Statistics - 0704
  • Chemistry - 0301
  • Pharmacy - 0613
  • Financial Engineering - 0799


  • Institution code - 9087
  • Pharmacy - 47
  • Chemistry - 62
  • Mathematics - 72
  • Physics - 76
  • Statistics - 59


Q: What is the minimum TOEFL/ IETLS score required?

A: A minimum TOEFL score of 85 is required for the internet-based test (with a minimum of 22 for the writing section), while a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 is required.


Q: May I be exempted from sitting for TOEFL and GRE tests since they are not available in my province/country?

A: You may replace TOEFL with IELTS or an official certification letter from your institution indicating that the medium of teaching/instruction was entirely in English; whichever is available.
GRE test is not replaceable with any other tests.


Q: Is GRE scores compulsory for coursework programmes?

A: It is a requirement for certain graduate coursework programmes. Please check with the respective departments or their websites for details.
Some programmes may require that you sit for the GRE subject test. For example, applicants with a non-mathematics background is required to take the GRE Subject Test (Mathematics). Do check with the department directly.


Q: What is the validity period of TOEFL/IELTS score sheets?

A: TOEFL/IELTS score reports are only valid for two years after the test and the validity period should not expire before the beginning of the application period for the relevant intake for which you are applying.




Q: Whom can I contact if I would like to find out more about the application procedure for admission to coursework programmes?

A: You may email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Q: Whom can I contact if I wish to find out more about a specific coursework programme?

A: Please refer to the department that is offering the specific programme that you are interested in.