Coursework Programmes: Course Fees


Tuition Fees

To view the tuition fees per annum for Academic Year 2019/2020 for government-subsidised graduate coursework programmes, please refer here. For more information, please refer to the Registrar's Office website.

For Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Resident students, the fee amounts quoted here are subsidised by the Singapore government (through the Ministry of Education, MOE) and are exclusive of prevailing GST. The applicable GST is subsidised by the MOE for these students.

With effect from AY2016/2017 intake, the prevailing GST (currently 7%) on the fees payable will be borne by International Students. The fee amounts quoted are inclusive of the prevailing GST.


For self-financing graduate programmes, please refer to the respective programmes' webpage.


Tuition Fee Subsidy

Students who have previously enjoyed government subsidy or sponsorship by a Singapore government agency (such as scholarships offered by the Ministries, Public Service Commission and Statutory Boards) in a graduate programme should refer to the Eligibility Guidelines for MOE Subsidy. Students who are not in receipt of MOE Subsidy will have to pay the non-subsidised fee amounts as quoted here (which are inclusive of the prevailing GST). All students affected are to refer to their individual student bills for the amount of fees payable.


SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

Students in the MOE-subsidised coursework programmes who are Singapore Citizens and aged 40 and above (based on the year which the student turns 40 years old) may be eligible for higher subsidy under the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy. The fees payable will be 60% lower than the standard subsidised fees payable by other Singaporean students. The amount of fees payable will be reflected in their individual student bill. Students who are not eligible for MOE subsidy are also not eligible for the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy.


Service Obligation Scheme

International Students reading MSc Chemistry and MSc Statistics may apply for the Service Obligation (SO) Scheme to pay reduced, subsidised tuition fees. Please refer to the Service Obligation Scheme for more details. The determination of this feasibility is at the sole discretion of the University. International Students who do not wish to sign the Service Obligation Agreement will have to pay the non-subsidised fee amounts as quoted here.


Miscellaneous Student Fees

For the updated listing of Miscellaneous Student Fees (MSFs), please refer here.


Financial Assistance

The tuition fee loan scheme is only available to full-time coursework students pursuing MSc Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Science Communication, Physics and Applied Physics. For more information, please refer here.