Graduate Certificates

In support of Singapore’s drive towards lifelong learning and NUS’ Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) initiative, the Faculty has set out new Graduate Certificate programmes. These series of bite-sized programmes allow working adults and other individuals to update and upgrade their knowledge and skills over time and at their own pace, so as to stay relevant in a fast-changing economy.

Graduate Certificate programmes enable learners to obtain certification in specific sub-areas, based on the completion of particular combinations of credit-bearing modules.


Graduate Certificate Programmes


Department of Biological Sciences

  1.  Graduate Certificate in Forensic Science (Advanced CSI)
  2. Gradaute Certificate in Forensic Science (Forensic Defense Science)
  3. Graduate Certificate in Forensic Science (Digital Forensics)
  4. Graduate Certificate in Forensic Science (Forensic Medicine)

Department of Mathematics

  1. Graduate Certificate in Deep Learning for Industry

Department of Pharmacy

  1. Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical Process and Technology
  2. Graduate Certificate in Advanced Pharmacy Practice
  3. Graduate Certificate in Community-based Geriatric Pharmaceutical Care

Department of Statistics and Applied Probability

  1. Graduate Certificate in Data Mining and Interpretation
  2. Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance and Yield Optimisation

Department of Food Science and Technology

  1. Graduate Certificate in Food Science
  2. Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition



  • Please contact the respective departments for more information.
  • A comprehensive suite of skills-based and industry relevant modular courses are curated and updated regularly to help our learners to stay competitive. Please visit the SCALE website to view the list of modular courses available under NUS Science.
  • Credit/grade transfer of any SSG-funded module to a MOE-subsidised Graduate Diploma/Bachelor/Master degree is not allowed if the module is taken whilst being enrolled in the Graduate Diploma/Bachelor/Master degree.
  • Credit/grade transfer of any SSG-funded module taken and subsequently requesting to be stacked to a MOE-subsidised Graduate Diploma/Bachelor/Master degree is subject to approval of the Faculty/School and MOE.