• President Science Award 2017

Highlights & News

NUS scientists have discovered a unique growth mechanism to produce atomically thin semiconductor ribbons that can serve as a building block for high-performance nanoelectronic devices.
11 May 2018
Goki EDA (Group Leader, Physics and Chemistry)
NUS ecologists have developed improved methods for estimating biodiversity loss from habitat-clearing activities, to aid conservation planning.
07 May 2018
Ryan CHISHOLM (Group Leader, Biological sciences)
NUS chemists have discovered key factors determining the selectivity of copper catalysts for transforming carbon dioxide and water into useful chemicals and fuels.
25 Apr 2018
Jason YEO (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS statistician has developed a metric that automatically accounts for citation variations in different disciplines for measuring the research merit of scientific articles.
18 Apr 2018
Linda TAN (Group Leader, Statistics and Applied Probability)
Speakers from Lloyd’s Register shared how Big Data is transforming the marine and energy industries.
18 May 2018

Congratulations to Profs CHONG Chi Tat and TOH Kim Chuan!
15 May 2018

Participants gained insights about data science, its applications and career prospects.
11 May 2018

Centre for Quantum Technologies researchers are studying cold atom systems to look into their potential as building blocks for quantum computing or sensors.
08 May 2018

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Science Alumni Industry Lunch
BLOCK71 Singapore
25 May 18
13th Singapore National Crystal Growing Challenge
NUS Department of Chemistry
26 May 18