Highlights & News

NUS physicists discovered a new way of transferring magnetic information across an insulator, paving the way for the development of devices that operate in the teraherz frequency range.
25 May 2016
ARIANDO (Group Leader, Physics)
NUS scientists have discovered a unique demonstration of how biomimetic interfaces can be used to probe and understand the influence of the microenvironment on the cellular process.
23 May 2016
Virgile VIASNOFF (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS scientists have developed a simple sampling method for soft fruit flesh using a conventional syringe needle for mapping the three-dimensional (3D) distribution of vitamin C.
19 May 2016
LEE Hian Kee (Group Leader, Chemistry)
Scientists in NUS discovered new small synthetic molecules with the aim of each molecule inhibiting two enzymes simultaneously, thus giving rise to potential anticancer properties.
16 May 2016
CHUI Wai Keung (Group Leader, Pharmacy)
Inaugural event to raise funds and promote bonding
25 May 2016

Engaging prospective students through talks and tours
23 May 2016

Prospective students and their parents experienced first-hand life as an NUS Science undergraduate
20 May 2016

Programme included an overview of the Faculty’s vision and department tours
20 May 2016

Upcoming Events

Faculty of Science Open House 2016
LT 27 and Foyer
14 May 16
STEP UP! Charity Run-Walk!
NUS Grand Stand
15 May 16