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NUS pharmaceutical scientists have developed a simple, yet highly sensitive probe to detect the fat mass and obesity-associated protein (FTO) levels in cells. This can potentially help in the early detection and diagnosis of metabolic diseases such as diabetes.
11 Oct 2018
Esther WOON (Group Leader, Pharmacy)
NUS biologists have developed cyclic peptides that can trigger cancer cell death without affecting healthy cells.
28 Sep 2018
GE Ruowen (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS biologists have discovered that the fluted giant clam absorbs urea from its surroundings and the absorption rate is enhanced by exposure to light.
25 Sep 2018
Alex IP Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS pharmaceutical scientists, together with clinicians from the National University Health System (NUHS), have developed a nanomaterial-based hydrogel that encourages amniotic epithelial cells (a type of stem cell) to grow into mature liver cells.
20 Sep 2018
Ho Han Kiat (Group Leader, Pharmacy)
Students, staff and alumni from the Faculty rallied together to give back to society through various initiatives.
22 Oct 2018

Conserving wetland biodiversity
22 Oct 2018

The meeting brought together the local scientific community who use fish models to address key scientific questions and to explore future research collaborations in Singapore.
19 Oct 2018

The inaugural course from 16 July to 3 August exposed students to modern biological knowledge and techniques used in research laboratories and industries.
16 Oct 2018

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