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Highlights & News

NUS statistician have developed a metric that automatically accounts for citation variations in different disciplines for measuring the research merit of scientific articles.
18 Apr 2018
Linda TAN (Group Leader, Statistics and Applied Probability)
NUS chemists have found a way to manipulate the movement of charges in solid-state molecular junctions to reduce power consumption.
12 Apr 2018
Christian NIJHUIS (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS pharmacists have established different trajectory profiles of self-perceived cognitive function among breast cancer patients who are experiencing post-treatment cognitive impairment.
09 Apr 2018
Alexandre CHAN (Group Leader, Pharmacy)
NUS chemists have developed an economical and industrially scalable method to produce high concentration graphene slurry for 3D printing.
04 Apr 2018
LOH Kian Ping (Group Leader, Chemistry)
Medallists from the 2017 International Biology Olympiad gained insights into the Life Sciences undergraduate programmes and toured research facilities.
19 Apr 2018

The speakers shared how NTUC Link is transforming its business by leveraging on data and digital technologies to enhance innovation.
16 Apr 2018

Students gained insights about learning, research and other enrichment opportunities offered by the Department of Chemistry.
12 Apr 2018

The workshop discussed the fundamentals and clinical applications of pharmacogenomics (PGx) and its implementation.
09 Apr 2018

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