Highlights & News

NUS scientist wins the Young Researcher Award for ground-breaking work in molecular electronics.
29 Apr 2016
Assoc Prof Christian NIJHUIS (Group Leader, Chemistry)
Bioimaging sciences
Diffraction before destruction
Scientists in NUS have demonstrated how x-ray lasers could help us image biological macromolecules in water.
26 Apr 2016
Duane LOH (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
Scientists in NUS have uncovered a novel function of Nucleolar spindle-associated protein (NuSAP) in chromosome segregation.
22 Apr 2016
LIOU Yih-Cherng (Group Leader, Biological sciences)
Inhibition of key cardiac enzyme by heart rhythm controlling drug
18 Apr 2016
Eric CHAN (Group Leader, Pharmacy)
A showcase of the application of scientific techniques to create visual art
22 Apr 2016

A showcase of FST students’ final year projects
19 Apr 2016

Annual platform for networking and sharing research advances.
18 Apr 2016

Research Sharing
Lunch Time Science Talk
Prof Andrew WEE shares his research in surface and interface science
14 Apr 2016

Upcoming Events

Aviva Recruitment Workshop
Faculty of Science Dean’s Lounge, S16-05-11
10 May 16
Faculty of Science Open House 2016
LT 27 and Foyer
14 May 16