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NUS biologists have discovered that orthopterans (the insect group that includes crickets, grasshoppers and katydids) visit flowers more frequently than previously known and play a potential role in pollination.
16 Aug 2018
Hugh TAN (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS physicists have developed a new methodology for determining the impact of screening effects on charge carrier mobility at the interface of complex material structures.
30 Jul 2018
Andrivo RUYSDI (Group Leader, Physics)
NUS scientists observe the real-time formation of hollow structures in the galvanic replacement (GR) reaction between silver and gold with nanometre resolution, gaining insights on the mechanisms behind the structural transformations.
24 Jul 2018
Utkur MIRSAIDOV (Group Leader, Biological Sciences and Physics)
NUS scientists, together with researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Imperial College London (ICL), have developed non-invasive biophysical techniques to quantify oxygen concentration and micromechanical properties in bacterial biofilms and understand their real-time responses to environmental changes.
16 Jul 2018
Thorsten WOHLAND (Group Leader, Biological Sciences and Chemistry)
The camp encouraged mingling and facilitated freshmen’s orientation into university life.
20 Aug 2018

Science alumnus Mr Veera Sekaran shares how small acts of kindness can have big changes in someone's life.
17 Aug 2018

The camp encouraged bonding between seniors and freshmen, to create an FST family.
16 Aug 2018

Life Sciences alumnus Mr Aditya Nair has developed software that accelerates analysis for Parkinson's disease
14 Aug 2018

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