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NUS physicists have developed a new form of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy for biomedical applications by using highly focused mega-electron volt (MeV) ion beams.
07 Dec 2016
Andrew BETTIOL (Group Leader, Physics)
NUS chemists have developed a synthesis approach to link semiconductor nanoparticles in a site-specific, stoichiometrically controlled manner analogous to molecular synthesis.
01 Dec 2016
CHAN Yin Thai (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS marine researchers are boosting local marine research and sustainability efforts to cope with emerging challenges brought about by climate change and urbanisation.
28 Nov 2016
Peter TODD and HUANG Danwei (Group Leaders, Biological Sciences)
NUS scientists in collaboration with Cambridge Display Technology Ltd (CDT) have developed solution-processed conducting polymer materials with ultrawide range of work functions for flexible electronics.
24 Nov 2016
Peter HO and CHUA Lay-Lay (Group Leaders, Physics and Chemistry)
Engagement session on quantitative investment management
06 Dec 2016

Recruitment @ Google
01 Dec 2016

A networking platform for biodiversity experts from Southeast Asia
24 Nov 2016

A programme designed to produce the next generation of environmental professionals
16 Nov 2016

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