Highlights & News

NUS scientists have discovered the key roles for auxiliary proteins in a transporter that maintains outer membrane lipid asymmetry in bacteria.
24 May 2017
CHNG Shu Sin (Group Leader, Chemistry)
Computational Science
A new spin on graphene electronics
NUS physicists have discovered that controlling electron spin can lower contact resistance in graphene electronics for high performance devices.
18 May 2017
QUEK Su Ying (Group Leader, Physics)
NUS chemists have discovered a class of iron compounds that induces cancer cell death, leaving healthy cells unharmed.
11 May 2017
FAN Wai Yip (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS zoologists discover a new species of marine crab and give it a catchy name.
04 May 2017
Peter NG and JCE MENDOZA (Group Leaders, LKCNHM)
The exhibition challenges students to translate their learning experiences related to their course into visual art pieces.
25 May 2017

For the first time, a colony of exceedingly rare ants from the Tyrannomyrmex genus has been found in Singapore
19 May 2017

A day of science and magic which captivated public interest in scientific concepts
22 May 2017

A platform for graduate students from NUS and partner universities to present their latest research findings
19 May 2017

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Canadian Film Festival 2017

26 May 17
Canadian Film Festival 2017

26 May 17
NUS Chemistry Week 2017
Department of Chemistry
03 Jun 17
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