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NUS chemists have discovered that the bound states of “holes” (the absence of an electron which leads to a net positive charge) in black phosphorus changes from an extended ellipse into a dumbbell shape when it is electrically excited, providing new insights for its use in next generation electronic devices.
21 Feb 2018
LU Jiong (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS food scientists have developed polystyrene coated magnetic nanoparticles which allow rapid screening of trace amounts of pesticide residue in vegetable crops.
16 Feb 2018
YANG Hongshun (Group Leader, Chemistry)
Analytical chemistry
Rapid detection of toxic compounds
NUS chemists have developed highly selective and sensitive sensors based on molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) for the rapid onsite detection of toxic agents.
08 Feb 2018
Sam LI (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS scientists have established key environmental drivers linking microbial ecology with urban design to enhance nutrient removal and attenuate algal blooms in urban waterways.
05 Feb 2018
Sanjay SWARUP (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
Life Sciences’ Ph.D. student has demonstrated that critically endangered male white-spotted bush frogs protect their eggs from predators
22 Feb 2018

Community Service
Project La Lumiere
The project started by NUS’ Science Computer-Based Learning Centre aims to promote sustainable tourism in Ha Giang, Vietnam.
20 Feb 2018

PathoVax LLC – a start-up by Dr Poh Weijie – is close to producing a new vaccine to end cervical cancer

A new bird species has been described by a joint Singapore-Indonesia team headed by Life Sciences’ Prof Frank RHEINDT and Dr Dewi PRAWIRADILAGA from Indonesia’s government agency LIPI.
15 Feb 2018

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