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NUS researchers have discovered 10 bird species new to science from a region near Sulawesi, Indonesia.
10 Jan 2020
Frank RHEINDT (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS researchers have synthesised single layers of amorphous carbon films for potential industrial applications.
09 Jan 2020
Barbaros ÖZYILMAZ (Group Leader, Physics)
NUS researchers have developed highly efficient, large-area and flexible near-infrared light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for new wearable device technologies.
18 Dec 2019
Tan Zhi Kuang (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS chemists have developed a high performance contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology to improve cancer diagnosis.
26 Nov 2019
LIU Xiaogang (Group Leader, Chemistry)
Staff and students returning from travel to mainland China will need to go on a mandatory 14-day leave of absence as part of the new counter measures introduced by NUS to address the evolving 2019 Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia situation.
27 Jan 2020

On 26 December, NUS students, staff, alumni and members of the public gathered at NUS' multipurpose field to witness the rare celestial phenomenon of an annular solar eclipse.
10 Jan 2020

Prof ZHANG Louxin from the Department of Mathematics, shares how NUS’ M.Sc. in Data Science and Machine Learning will help students gain an edge in our data-driven world.
07 Jan 2020

Volunteering with TEDxSingapore has given Michelle WAN (Science ‘91) a sense of purpose — and belonging.
06 Jan 2020

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