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NUS researchers establish association between dam construction and the increase in the proportion of non-native species in freshwater fish communities.
29 Sep 2016
Darren YEO (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS researchers have discovered that a protein, present in cells - talin - is able to sense and buffer cells against external forces.
26 Sep 2016
YAN Jie (Group Leader, Physics)
NUS food scientists have developed an edible coating which can preserve the quality of chilled fish fillets.
22 Sep 2016
YANG Hongshun (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS pharmacists discover that the quality of life of pre-dialysis patients may be affected more by a pill burden than complications associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD).
20 Sep 2016
Priscilla HOW (Group Leader, Pharmacy)
Industry Sharing
JP Morgan Industry Sharing Series
Preventing money laundering
29 Sep 2016

Seagift Food donates $300,000 for scholarship
27 Sep 2016

Bringing a different perspective to textbook mathematics
26 Sep 2016

Student Life
Mathematics Society
Singapore Rubik’s Cube Competition 2016 drew participants from 18 countries
22 Sep 2016

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